IFDC Report, Volume 8, No. 3

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This report highlights the upcoming leadership transition within an organization's Agro-Economic Division. Dr William D. Bishop, the current Director, will be stepping down from his position in January 1984, with Dr Paul L.G. Vlek set to assume the role in December 1983. Dr Vlek, a Soil Scientist with several years of experience, will oversee fertilizer research programs, focusing on soil science, economics, sociology, and related disciplines. The report provides background information on Dr Vlek's qualifications and previous work, emphasizing his contributions to IFDC's nitrogen research program and collaborative projects with international organizations and national programs. Dr Vlek expresses his vision for expanding research beyond nitrogen and phosphate and enhancing the impact of technology in agricultural practices. The report also briefly mentions Dr Bishop's career and role in IFDC's growth as a recognized authority in fertilizer research. The document concludes with summaries of other articles featured in the issue, highlighting projects related to improving Thai agriculture and the impact of the IFDC/CIAT Phosphate Project in Colombia.
Fertilizers, Agriculture