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    Innovative Fertilization & Application Technologies - For Yield and Nutrition
    (2021-11-09) Rob JJ Groot; William Adzawla; William K. Atakora; Amadou Gouzaye; Mohamed El Gharous
    The presentation focused on transforming the fertilizer sector to enhance nutrient uptake, yield, and nutritional quality of crops. This presentation highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in fertilizer design and application strategies. The symposium addressed the decline in the nutritional quality of crops, specifically micronutrients like zinc and iron, over recent decades and examined the impacts of phosphorus fertilization on these essential nutrients. Discussions included innovative fertilizers such as bio-based and recycled phosphorus products and their potential to improve agronomic efficiency and environmental sustainability. The session also underscored the importance of government support and scientific implementation to scale up these innovations, exemplified by the FERRARI project in Ghana. This initiative aims to improve food and nutrition security through sustainable agricultural intensification, involving capacity strengthening and socio-economic engagement of small-scale farmers.
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    Fertilizer and Nutrient Management Strategies to Build Soil Health in African Agriculture
    (2023-11) Bindraban, Prem S.; Upendra Singh; Rob JJ Groot; Bernard Vanlauwe; Kido Kouassi; Patrice Annequin
    There is broad consensus that sustainable intensification is the most effective pathway to improve food security and reduce poverty on the African continent. Healthy soils form the foundation to sustainably increase crop yields that can be maintained through Integrated Soil Fertility Management which integrates the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers for balanced nutrition along with other agronomic practices. However, current cultivation practices of insufficient use of fertilizers cause soil nutrient mining and degradation of African soils and farm communities to spiral into poverty. The African Union has embraced this notion to maintain the health of soils through ISFM and plans to endorse the approach at their Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit in June 2023, in Dakar, Senegal. An action plan is under construction to implement soil health improvement practices. Awareness around the importance of soils and the need for the judicious use of fertilizers has been growing in the international development arena and donors are committing themselves to contribute to the action plan. This presentation will elaborate on the outcomes of the Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit and the committed actions to improve soil health on the African continent for agricultural intensification.
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    International Women’s Day 2022: Breaking Biases in Science and Agriculture
    (2022) Ngunjiri Mercy; Genga Quintar
    In commemoration of International Women's Day 2022, Quintar Genga and Mercy Ngunjiri delivered a thought-provoking presentation that addressed the critical issue of gender biases within the fields of science and agriculture. The video shed light on the unique challenges and contributions of women in these sectors and the collective efforts needed to break down persistent biases.
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    Making Fertilizer Blends in Small Batches
    (2021) Wendt John; Ngunjiri Mercy; Genga Quintar
    In this informative training video, Wendt, Genga, and Ngunjiri guide viewers through the process of creating customized fertilizer blends in small batches, catering specifically to trials and demonstrations. The video offers valuable insights and practical knowledge for those involved in agriculture, research, or education. The video begins by introducing the concept of fertilizer blending and highlights its significance in optimizing crop nutrient management. It underscores the importance of tailored nutrient formulations to meet specific agricultural goals, such as enhancing crop yield, improving soil fertility, or addressing nutrient deficiencies. Throughout the presentation, the presenters walk viewers through a step-by-step process, from selecting the raw materials and understanding nutrient content to utilizing blending equipment effectively. Clear and concise instructions are provided, ensuring that viewers gain a thorough understanding of the blending procedure.
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    Voucher Schemes for Enhanced Fertilizer Use: Lessons Learned and Policy Implications
    (2012-01-25) Ian Gregory; David Rohrbach
    This presentation delves into the efficacy, challenges, and policy implications of voucher schemes aimed at enhancing fertilizer use in agriculture. It scrutinizes historical perspectives, ranging from the universal application of traditional fertilizer subsidies during the Green Revolution to their subsequent pitfalls. Through case studies from various countries like Malawi, Ghana, and Tanzania, the presentation evaluates the outcomes of voucher programs in terms of poverty reduction, food security, and market development. Key considerations include clear program objectives, farmer targeting, private sector involvement, and the necessity of a minimum three-year implementation period. Lessons learned underscore the importance of holistic market development, efficient targeting, and sustainable exit strategies. The presentation concludes by discussing future directions, including the exploration of smart vouchers and ICT-based systems, alternative exit strategies, and third-party monitoring for improved management.