IFDC Report, Volume 1, No. 2

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This report provides an overview of the building program undertaken by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) with the support of a USAID grant. The program comprises three phases: Phase A, Phase B, and Phase C. Phase A includes the construction of a greenhouse, headhouse, laboratories, and offices, scheduled for occupancy by October 1976. Phase B involves the development of a pilot-plant building with associated laboratories and offices, targeted for completion by February 1977. Phase C focuses on completing the main laboratory-office buildings and landscaping, with an estimated completion and occupancy date of March 1978. The IFDC's current staff of 40 people is temporarily housed in two different locations, with plans to retain the temporary facilities until the entire building program is finalized. Brasfield and Gorrie, Incorporated, were awarded the construction contract for Phase A and have already initiated clearing and excavation work. The report also mentions the recent IFDC board meeting, where various topics were discussed and approved, including program activities, auditor's reports, construction contracts, and forming an executive committee. The resignation of Mr Lynn Seeber as IFDC Secretary-Treasurer is noted, and Dr Pendergrass assumes the responsibilities along with his vice chairman role. Furthermore, the publication highlights the research and development efforts of IFDC in fertilizer technology and agronomic practices. It mentions the focus on exploiting indigenous phosphate sources, conducting beneficiation tests on different ores, and studying phosphate rocks' behavior in reagents and soil solutions. Collaborative projects with TVA are mentioned, focusing on supergranule urea production and improving nitrogen fertilizer efficiency. The construction of new facilities for expanding research programs is also highlighted. Additionally, the report discusses IFDC's efforts in accelerating agricultural development, including research in soil fertility, agronomy, economics, and sociology. It mentions ongoing projects related to the direct application of phosphate rock, factors influencing fertilizer use among small farmers, and country case studies to assess the impact of public policy measures. The improvement of fertilizer supply and demand forecasting and analysis of fertilizer sector issues are also mentioned. IFDC's outreach division, responsible for technology transfer, technical assistance, and training, is also discussed. Examples of ongoing projects are provided, such as problem identification in West Africa, technical assistance in Taiwan and Colombia, and plans for expanding outreach efforts. Lastly, the report mentions the addition of a worldwide direct dial teletypewriter exchange service to IFDC's communication system and introduces the IFDEC abbreviation as the organization's name. It concludes by acknowledging the growth of the IFDC family and recent events, including the birth of the first baby within an IFDC family and the successful bulk fertilizer shipment to Ghana.
Fertilizer technology, Research and Development