IFDC Report, Volume 10, No. 2

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This report discusses various initiatives by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) to tap into the valuable resource of phosphate rock deposits for fertilizer production. The article highlights a 3-week training program conducted by IFDC, which brought together participants from 19 countries to explore developing and using indigenous phosphate deposits. The program included presentations, case studies, group discussions, and practical demonstrations. The participants also sent samples of phosphate ores from their countries for analysis and evaluation. The article further showcases the successful utilization of Mussoorie phosphate rock in India, which has helped reclaim acidic soils and increase crop yields, saving millions of dollars in foreign exchange. Additionally, the article discusses ongoing research on urease inhibitors to reduce nitrogen losses from urea fertilizer. The IFDC, in collaboration with other scientists, is working on synthesizing and evaluating a new group of inhibitors for improved nitrogen use efficiency. The article emphasizes the potential benefits of these inhibitors in reducing ammonia losses and increasing rice yields, contributing to food security in developing countries. The research involves laboratory, greenhouse, and field evaluations to develop effective and stable inhibitors for practical application.
Phosphate minerals, Fertilizers