IFDC Report, Volume 7, No. 2

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This report discusses the outcomes and highlights of a workshop on the deep placement of nitrogen fertilizers in rice production, co-sponsored by the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Science (FAAS), the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and IFDC. The workshop aimed to evaluate the potential of deep placement techniques in improving nitrogen efficiency and rice production. The workshop brought together experts from different countries to share knowledge and expertise. Various technical papers were presented, focusing on enhancing nitrogen efficiency through supergranules and addressing the issue of ammonia volatilization. Workgroups were formed to identify research gaps and concentrate on areas such as modified urea production, agro-economic evaluation, applicator research and development, and future agronomic research. Field trips were organized to observe deep placement practices and visit relevant facilities. The workshop established cooperative projects, pilot projects in different countries, and future research and technology development plans. Additionally, a training course on nitrogen management was conducted in conjunction with the workshop, providing participants with in-depth knowledge and practical experience. The report also discusses the successful technology transfer of granulation techniques for urea production at P.T. PUSRI in Indonesia. The report concluded with the appraisal of IFDC's programs by a review committee, highlighting the organization's progress, particularly in the nitrogen research program and flooded rice program, as well as its technical assistance and training initiatives.
Nitrogen fertilizers, Deep placement, Rice