IFDC Report, Volume 10, No. 4

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This report highlights the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), hosted by the IFDC Century Club, a local support group. Dr John A. Hannah, the original and then Chairman of the IFDC Board of Directors, reminisced about the organization's beginnings and its goals for the future. The report emphasizes the role of IFDC in increasing food production and alleviating hunger in countries facing agricultural challenges. Dr Hannah's speech acknowledged the accomplishments of the first decade. It emphasized the importance of continuing efforts to address the challenges faced by countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Niger, and several African nations. He highlighted the crucial role of agriculture and fertilizer in improving food production and nutrition and praised IFDC's research, training, and technical assistance programs for helping countries achieve self-sufficiency and even become food exporters. Additionally, the report features the long-running Bangladesh project, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which focuses on improving fertilizer marketing and distribution. It outlines the efforts made by IFDC to enhance fertilizer availability and efficiency in Bangladesh, a country with significant agricultural potential but facing challenges due to population growth and environmental factors. Furthermore, the report discusses the impact of IFDC's project in Colombia, which has increased sales and usage of locally produced phosphate fertilizers. Colombian farmers have recognized the effectiveness and affordability of these fertilizers compared to imported alternatives, resulting in improved crop yields and benefits for various agricultural sectors.
Agriculture, Fertilizers, Poverty alleviation, Food production