FERARI Quarterly Newsletter-October 2021

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The FERARI program, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana Fertilizer Expansion Program (GFEP), continues to contribute research-based evidence on improving yields for enhanced food security and poverty reduction in Ghana. FERARI's maiden research article, "Characterization of Farmers and the Effect of Fertilization on Maize Yields in the Guinea Savannah, Sudan Savannah, and Transitional Agroecological Zones of Ghana," undergoes detailed statistical analysis highlighting differences among farmers. Accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed EFB Bioeconomy Journal, the article complements policy briefs and reports. Acknowledging contributions from IFDC colleagues, FERARI emphasizes sustainable development through initiatives like the Fertilizer Platform Ghana (FPG). On-station, on-farm, and farmer-managed trials, focusing on micro- and macronutrients for maize, rice, and soybean yields, yield evidence-based information supporting discussions with research institutions and MoFA. Field days attract over 200 smallholder farmers, facilitating a tripartite dialogue on fertilizer impact. FERARI collaborates with AAMUSTED, conducting fertilizer trials and case studies on beneficiary students. Collaborating with ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, FERARI explores the impact of fertilization on grain nutritional quality, contributing to biofortification efforts. The newsletter underscores FERARI's commitment to evidence-based agriculture and collaborative partnerships for sustainable development.
Food security, Poverty alleviation