Review of Fertilizer Use by Crop And by Product in Ethiopia 2017

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This report examines the agricultural input sector's critical impact on agricultural productivity in Ethiopia, focusing on fertilizer consumption. Despite heavy reliance on rainfed agriculture and dispersed cropping areas, timely access to inputs is crucial for achieving production targets. The study highlights Ethiopia's efforts to increase the use of modern fertilizer and seed technologies to boost agricultural productivity and meet economic development goals. The challenge lies in promoting cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally sound use of productivity-enhancing inputs. The report reviews the literature and secondary data on the fertilizer sector's development in Ethiopia, addressing supply and demand constraints. It discusses the gradual shift from using two fertilizers (urea and DAP) to incorporating multi-nutrient fertilizers and highlights the gap between recommended and actual fertilizer use by farmers. The report also explores the diverse agro-ecological zones in Ethiopia and the government's investment in agricultural development. It emphasizes the need for continued efforts to improve knowledge dissemination, efficient input value chains, and accurate data collection for informed policy decisions.
Agricultural Inputs, Agricultural productivity, Value chains