Quarterly Newsletter/ vol.2 June 2022

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The MURIMI quarterly newsletter showcases the progress and impact of the Transfer Efficient Agricultural Technologies through Market Systems (TEAMS) program, funded by the Swedish Embassy. TEAMS is a continuation of the Food Security through Climate Adaptation and Resilience (FAR-Mozambique) project and is implemented by a consortium of four organizations in partnership with the Mozambican government. The program, from January 2021 to December 2022, focuses on three results areas: Scaling Improved Smallholder Productivity, Scaling Agro-Dealer Networks, and Scaling Proven Technologies. TEAMS employs an inclusive markets approach to enhance smallholder linkages with input and output markets, improve farm productivity, and increase access to income and nutritious foods. The newsletter features inspiring stories of beneficiaries, including Ana Maposa, a rice farmer whose life changed through climate-smart agriculture practices introduced by the program. It also highlights the successful reintegration of ex-combatants, like Fernando Mapinde, into agricultural activities. The TEAMS program empowers women farmers through savings groups, facilitating access to inputs and boosting agricultural productivity. The newsletter exemplifies the program's efforts to address climate change, enhance food security, and uplift rural communities in Sofala and Manica provinces.
Women's empowerment, Agricultural technology, Climate-smart agriculture, Agricultural Inputs