Incubating and Accelerating Inclusive Agribusiness in Africa: BOP Marketing and Distribution

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This publication provides an overview of BoP (Base of the Pyramid) marketing and distribution in the context of 2SCALE, focusing on the significance of engaging with and serving BoP consumers from a developmental and business perspective. The concept of the BoP market segment, comprising approximately 4 billion consumers living on less than $1500 per year, is introduced along with its potential as an untapped market worth trillions of dollars. The publication also highlights the need for innovative approaches in technology and business models to engage with the BoP segment effectively. It further explores the unique characteristics of BoP consumers, emphasizing the importance of acceptability, affordability, awareness, and availability in marketing products to this segment. It discusses the challenges and opportunities in reaching and catering to BoP consumers, who often have limited purchasing power, diverse needs, and limited access to mainstream media and markets. The publication emphasizes the potential for companies to generate profits while improving food and nutrition security for the BoP population. Within the framework of 2SCALE, the material describes how BoP marketing and distribution activities are implemented as pilot projects in collaboration with business champions. These pilots aim to introduce the potential of the BoP market segment to business champions and experiment with approaches to reach and serve BoP consumers. The publication highlights the achievements of 2SCALE in introducing new product propositions, increasing turnover, achieving a significant number of BoP consumers, and creating job opportunities through BoP marketing and distribution activities. It also explains the importance of women's empowerment within BoP marketing and distribution activities, highlighting examples of entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for women in agribusiness value chains. It concludes by outlining the process of developing BoP marketing pilots within 2SCALE, including conducting needs assessments, designing marketing strategies, implementing pilots, monitoring progress, and scaling up successful approaches
Partnerships, Development, Pilot Plants