Acknowledgement of the Unrecognized Spice and Herbs Sector by Empowering Women

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This case study explores the partnership between Damascene Essential Oils Processing PLC and 2SCALE in Ethiopia, focusing on empowering women in the spice and herb sector. The partnership aims to increase women's engagement in the industry by mobilizing them into cooperatives and providing training and resources to enhance their productivity and market access. The study highlights women's gender-based constraints in the sector, including limited control over income, lack of access to extension programs, and restricted access to production resources. Through the partnership, women farmers have gained access to quality seeds, training in improved agricultural practices, and support in decision-making processes. As a result, women have experienced increased productivity, improved household income, and greater participation in managing their farms. The study also emphasizes the role of youth employment in the partnership, with over 50 employment opportunities created, including 15 for women. Overall, the partnership has demonstrated the potential for women's economic empowerment and job creation for youth, contributing to poverty alleviation and food security in Ethiopia's spice and herb sector.
Food security, Women farmers, Agricultural productivity , Poverty alleviation