Seeds of Growth: The 2SCALE Partnership with East West Seeds International

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The vegetable sector in West Africa has faced challenges due to the limited availability of improved seed varieties specifically adapted to African conditions. Most vegetable seeds sold in the region are imported from Europe and Japan, which do not cater to the local climate and pest pressures. This has resulted in poor performance and low yields for vegetable production in the region, discouraging investment and adopting new practices. In this context, a partnership was formed between 2SCALE and East and West Seeds International (EWIT) to develop improved vegetable varieties and promote their adoption in West Africa. The partnership aimed to penetrate the West African vegetable market by providing quality seeds and training on production techniques while establishing a distribution network through local importers. The partnership faced challenges identifying reliable distributors and developing functional rural distribution networks. However, the collaboration increased the productivity and quality of vegetables, attracting fresh vegetable traders and processors. Financial services were integrated into the partnership to address producers' financial needs by adopting new technologies. The partnership contributed to developing the vegetable seed market and created opportunities for actors along the value chain to increase their revenues.
Productivity, Vegetables, Partnerships, Climate change
Abalo, A. 2017. “Seeds of Growth. The 2SCALE Partnership with East West Seeds International,” Paper presented at Inclusive Business Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by BoPInc., ICRA and IFDC, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Ed.).