Business as Unusual insights from the 2SCALE project

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This paper explores the 2SCALE approach to partnering for inclusive growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by promoting sustainable agribusiness models that benefit low-income communities. The majority of the rural population in SSA relies on agriculture for their food and income, and inclusive agribusiness champions play a vital role in addressing poverty and food security challenges. The 2SCALE approach facilitates public-private partnerships (PPPs) that involve grassroots organizations and medium-to-large-scale enterprises in agricultural value chains. These partnerships become more diverse and inclusive with the engagement of smallholder farmers, women, and youth. The paper highlights the importance of ABCs (agribusiness clusters) in empowering farmers and improving market access and the role of innovative value chain relations in fostering inclusiveness. The 2SCALE approach aims to develop agribusiness models that are competitive, scalable, and have a lasting impact on inclusive growth in the agricultural sector.
Agribusiness, Public-Private Partnerships, Agricultural value chains, Inclusive growth
2SCALE, 2019. Business as Unusual: Insights from the 2SCALE program. IFDC, BoP, ICRA, KIT, Amsterdam.