West Africa Fertilizer Business Information Guide- 2022

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This second edition of the West Africa Fertilizer Business Information Guide (WAFBIG) is an update of the first edition published in 2021, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that severely impacted agricultural production systems and the fertilizer sector. Since the end of 2020, this major crisis has been amplified by a significant increase in prices of all types of fertilizers on international markets, which have been passed on throughout the supply chain, down to small-scale producers – when these fertilizers were available. The exceptional situation makes this Guide even more important at a time when it is more necessary than ever for all stakeholders to make quick and informed decisions to continue to manufacture, import, distribute, and use fertilizers optimally and in sufficient quantities to support agricultural and food production in the region. This guide includes the latest national statistics on fertilizer production, trade, and use, updated maps and profiles of fertilizer production and blending facilities, and the procedures and logistics costs that contribute to fertilizer pricing from port to farm. To encourage the judicious use of quality fertilizers, new accredited laboratories support regional fertilizer regulations and labeling and packaging standards applicable in West Africa, while the dissemination of agricultural input packages adapted to different agro-ecological zones promotes their optimal use by West African farmers
Seed systems, Smallholder farmers, Public sector