Business Plan Development Training Manual for Horticulture Value Chain SMEs

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria has launched HortiNigeria, a four-year program to enhance smallholder farmers' productivity and income in four Nigerian states. The program focuses on tomato, okra, onion, and pepper value chains in domestic markets and is being implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center and its consortium partners. The program aims to expand cultivated land sustainably, promote innovations and regional diversifications, increase access to finance for agro-SMEs, enhance sector coordination, and facilitate business-to-business linkages. The third of three training manuals, this document focuses on the development of business plans, a crucial component in the formal financial network. The training has two objectives: to equip participants with knowledge of what investors look out for in a business plan and to enlighten the participants on the critical components of a typical business plan. After the training, participants are expected to understand the need for preparing business plans, how to draw up a simple business plan, and areas where they had fallen short in their previous attempts. The facilitator is to continuously bring in easily understood examples, horticulture-related, ecologically-considerate, and gender-friendly
Horticulture, Productivity, Smallholder farmers, Value chains