IFDC Report, Volume 5, No. 4

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This report highlights the Regional Fertilizer Marketing Training Program conducted by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in collaboration with The Fertiliser Association of India (FAI). The program aimed to enhance participants' understanding of various aspects of fertilizer marketing necessary for an efficient fertilizer marketing system. It consisted of training sessions, field visits, and discussions led by experts from India, FAO, and IFDC on fertilizer demand, supply, technology, soil research, crop research, fertilizer policies, transportation, marketing costs, and more. Thirty-one participants from 10 countries and 22 organizations attended the program, representing countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Field trips were integral to the program, providing practical exposure to fertilizer production, storage, and distribution facilities. Visits included the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative, Ltd. (IFFCO), Indian Explosives, Ltd., and other locations in Rohtak, as well as farmer field days and demonstrations in Badshahpur and Lali villages. Additionally, the report includes information on IFDC's involvement in a project in Egypt, where bench-scale tests were conducted on converting Abu Tartur phosphate rock into wet-process phosphoric acid. The report also briefly mentions IFDC's work on utilizing Kodjari phosphate rock from Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) and the Maintenance Management Training Program for Fertilizer Producers conducted at IFDC Headquarters.
Rock phosphate, Fertilizers