IFDC Report, Volume 9, No. 2

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This report presents the findings of a research project aimed at exploring the potential use of Ugandan phosphate rock in the production of single superphosphate (SSP). The study was conducted in response to a request from the Bearden-Potter Corporation, consultants to the Ugandan Government and commissioned by The World Bank. The project involved characterizing the Ugandan phosphate rock samples, conducting batch and continuous laboratory-scale tests for SSP production, and evaluating the rock's suitability for phosphoric acid, granular triple superphosphate, monoammonium phosphate, and diammonium phosphate production. The results of these tests will contribute to the feasibility and engineering study for reinstating a single superphosphate plant in Uganda. The potential market for this product in Uganda and neighbouring countries makes it a promising alternative to imported single superphosphate, offering opportunities for private or public investment. The final report will be submitted to The World Bank to pave the way for further development and investment in the Ugandan phosphate rock industry.
NPK fertilizers, Field trials, Micronutrients