IFDC Report, Volume 11, No. 3

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This report highlights the establishment of the IFDC-Africa Center, an initiative by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) to enhance its presence and promote agricultural development in the tropics and subtropics of Africa. The Government of Togo has played a crucial role by providing land and granting international immunities and privileges to support the centre's establishment. Plans are underway to secure donor support for infrastructure development and staffing to station staff in Togo by 1987. The IFDC-Africa Center, located near the Togolese phosphate mine and port facilities, focuses on technology research and development, training, and technical assistance in collaboration with national and international stations. The center's objectives include addressing constraints to fertilizer use, promoting the utilization of indigenous resources as fertilizers, and filling personnel needs in the fertilizer sector. The report also announces the appointment of Dr Paul L.G. Vlek as the Director of the IFDC-Africa Center and highlights his experience and contributions to IFDC's research programs. Additionally, it mentions the new leadership in the Agro-Economic Division and the acquisition of a patent on urease inhibitors, which can help reduce nitrogen loss in agricultural soils. The report concludes by discussing the completion of a fertilizer distribution plan in Indonesia, outlining the challenges and projections for fertilizer movement in the country over the next decade.
Tropical agriculture, Fertilizers, Agricultural development, Technology