IFDC Report, Volume 12, No. 4

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This report provides an overview of the work and progress at the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) regarding developing and testing small-scale briquettes for producing Urea Supergranules (USG). The briquettes project, conducted in collaboration with the Metal Industries Development Centre (MIDC) of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, CSR, and IFDC, aimed to modify and test village-level briquettes initially designed in China. The report highlights the technical and economic feasibility of fabricating the machine in Indonesia, including the conversion costs of producing USG from different urea forms. The study demonstrates that the briquettes are affordable for Indonesian farmers and those in other developing countries, with conversion costs of USG found to be less than 10% higher than the current cost of prilled urea. The report also emphasizes the advantages of using village-level briquettes, such as their versatility in using a wide range of fertilizer products, user-friendliness, and potential cost savings for farmers. Future plans involve tailoring the machine to market conditions, establishing mass production mechanisms, and conducting pilot tests in collaboration with national institutions. Overall, the project represents a successful technology transfer and highlights the potential for improving fertilizer accessibility and affordability in developing countries.
Urea, Briquettes