IFDC Report, Volume 27, No. 1

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This report provides an overview of three initiatives aimed at improving the supply and quality of agricultural inputs by establishing trade associations in different regions. The first initiative focuses on the southern oblasts of Kyrgyzstan, where the development of an agribusiness trade association aims to address the challenges of credit availability, lack of information, and a corrupt business environment. The association aims to improve access to seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products, thereby boosting agricultural production and alleviating rural poverty. The second case study examines the success of Albania's private sector-led growth in agriculture and business. The report highlights the establishment of trade associations and a federation, which have played a crucial role in advocating policy reform and promoting agribusiness growth. The development of the extra virgin olive oil processing sector is presented as a notable success story, showcasing increased production, investment, and export opportunities. The third initiative focuses on Azerbaijan and its efforts to enhance agricultural production, spur agribusiness growth, and generate employment. The project aims to establish clusters of agricultural input dealers in critical regions, improving their ability to supply inputs and technology to farmers. By providing training, access to credit, and organizational support through a trade association, the project aims to boost grain yields and foster private sector-driven economic growth. Additionally, the report highlights the importance of international collaborations and knowledge exchange in promoting the development of trade associations. Case studies from the United States, Kosovo, and Benin demonstrate how learning from successful models, lobbying experiences, and partnerships can contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of trade associations in different contexts.
Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Agricultural development