IFDC Report, Volume 29, No. 1

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This report highlights the story of Mehmet Guga, an Albanian spice trader who realized his lifelong dream of selling his products, particularly sage, on the U.S. market. Guga, who previously worked as an accountant for a state trading organization during Albania's Communist era, established his commercial firm, Gurra Sh.p.k., after privatization. Despite facing challenges such as limited capital and transportation difficulties, Guga successfully sold 12 containers of sage worth $300,000 in the U.S. market with the help of FFF Associates, Inc. and a USAID-sponsored project conducted by IFDC in Albania. The report also provides an overview of the Albanian spice industry, its traditional roots, and its potential for economic growth. The prospects for the industry, including education on quality control and marketing, certification and testing systems, and addressing sustainability and biodiversity concerns, are discussed. The report concludes by highlighting the positive impact the spice industry can have on Albania's economy with the right efforts and investments.
Agricultural commodities, Spices