IFDC Report, Volume 34, No. 3

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This report highlights the significance of fertilizer development as a crucial aspect of addressing global food security challenges. It encompasses the perspectives shared by Thomas Hager, the author of "The Alchemy of Air," during his presentation at the Travis P. Hignett Memorial Lecture. Hager emphasizes the role of synthetic fertilizers in the "Green Revolution" and their impact on feeding a hungry world. The report provides insights into the contributions of Norman Borlaug, known as the "father of the Green Revolution," who dedicated his life to agricultural advancements and was a key figure in the fight against world hunger. Borlaug's work in developing high-yielding wheat varieties and the commercialization of synthetic fertilizers revolutionized agricultural productivity and helped prevent famines in countries such as India and Pakistan. It also sheds light on the significance of the Haber-Bosch process, which revolutionized fertilizer production by synthesizing ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen. The process significantly increased the availability of fixed nitrogen and played a crucial role in boosting agricultural yields worldwide. Furthermore, the report underscores the importance of addressing fertilizer development as a multidimensional human issue. It emphasizes the need for environmentally friendly fertilizers. It explores ongoing research efforts by organizations like the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) to improve nitrogen fertilizer efficiency and prevent premature release or loss. The publications commemorate the life and achievements of Norman Borlaug, who received numerous accolades for his contributions to combating hunger and promoting agricultural advancements. Borlaug's work continues to have a lasting impact on global food production, with a significant portion of the world's population depending on crops derived from his improved wheat varieties. The report also mentions the establishment of IFDC's East and Southern Africa Division (ESAFD) headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, signalling the organization's commitment to expanding agricultural productivity in the region and contributing to poverty reduction and economic growth.
Green revolution, Fertilizers