Stakeholders in Ghana Discuss How a National Fertilizer Platform Could Address Fertilizer Sector Issues

This policy brief highlights the insights and perspectives gathered from stakeholders in Ghana during discussions on establishing a National Fertilizer Platform (NFP) and its potential to address challenges within the fertilizer sector. The stakeholder engagement involved surveys of over 36 individuals representing public and private sectors, including farmers, researchers, agro-dealers, fertilizer companies, policymakers, and regulators. The brief identifies key challenges the fertilizer sector faces along the value chain, such as the lack of crop- and soil-specific fertilizer recommendations, poor-quality fertilizer blends, bureaucratic hurdles in import permits, limited supply caused by subsidy quotas, and inadequate transportation and storage facilities. Additionally, stakeholders stressed the need to review and update policies and regulations to improve quality control and ensure an enabling environment for the fertilizer sector. Despite these challenges, stakeholders expressed optimism about the future of the fertilizer sector, recognizing the increasing demand for fertilizers in Ghana's agriculture. They emphasized the importance of a well-functioning fertilizer sector in addressing soil degradation and meeting the rising demand for food production. Stakeholders acknowledged the potential of the NFP in addressing these challenges. They outlined priority issues, including enhancing the enabling environment, improving fertilizer production quality, implementing effective subsidy programs, and ensuring improved availability, accessibility, and application of fertilizers. Overall, stakeholders supported the concept of the NFP and emphasized the need for commitment, funding, information confidentiality, and inclusive decision-making for its successful establishment and sustainability. The brief also addresses potential difficulties in trust-building, consensus-building, education, equal power distribution, and stakeholder engagement, highlighting their belief that these challenges can be overcome.
Fertilizers, Value chains