Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP) Technology (IFDC’s Interventions Under APART Project in Assam)

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Fertilizer Deep Placement (FDP) technology is a cutting-edge approach to optimise crop nutrient delivery by directly placing granulated fertilizers in the root zone. This publication highlights the interventions of IFDC under the Assam Agri-Business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) in Assam, funded by the World Bank. FDP technology involves compressing recommended fertilizers such as nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium (K), and zinc sulfate into briquettes weighing 1-3 grams. These briquettes are then placed 7-9 cm (or 3-4 inches) deep in the soil around the plant, manually or mechanically. Various applicators and machines are available for the placement of briquettes. This includes manual placement, mechanical placement, injector-type self-loaded applicators, self-propelled applicators (single and double row), and the FDP-Multi-Planter, which combines direct seed and fertilizer placement. The placement of NPK briquettes in the field is described, specifically for line-transplanted paddy and non-line-transplanted paddy. The process involves careful placement at the root zone, keeping specific distances between placement points and rows. The advantages of briquette application through FDP technology are significant. Farmers can achieve a 10-30% reduction in urea usage per hectare across various crops. FDP application is a one-time process during the season, leading to cost savings on fertilizer subsidies. Yield increases of 10-20% can be obtained, contributing to enhanced food security. Moreover, FDP technology helps reduce weed infestation and minimizes environmental impacts such as runoff, leaching, and gaseous losses. Additionally, adopting FDP technology creates profitable business opportunities for entrepreneurs and contributes to local economic development. To maximize the benefits, it is recommended to use FDP technology in clay-loam or loam soils alongside other required fertilizers. High-yielding varieties (HYV), pest and disease control, adequate water management, and line transplantation are also essential for achieving optimal results. Implementing FDP technology under the APART project showcases its potential to revolutionize nutrient management practices in Assam's agricultural sector. By enhancing nutrient efficiency and promoting sustainable crop production, FDP technology contributes to developing the region's agriculture.
Deep placement, Briquettes, Fertilizer technology