IFDC Report, Volume 35, No. 2

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This report highlights a seminar conducted by Professor Gerrit Hoogenboom from the University of Georgia at the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) headquarters. Professor Hoogenboom, a long-term collaborative partner with IFDC, discussed the Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC), which focuses on providing scientifically sound information and decision-support tools for agricultural ecosystems in the southeastern United States. The SECC, consisting of several universities and IFDC, conducts research and outreach to support agricultural decision making in a variable climate. The seminar emphasized the development of a website and modelling system to assist farmers in accessing weather and climate information, making management decisions, and reducing risks associated with agricultural activities. The report also introduces Sustainable Energy Production through Woodlots and Agroforestry in the Albertine Rift (SEW) project, implemented by IFDC and financed by the Dutch Embassy in Rwanda. The SEW project aims to address energy shortages in the Albertine Rift region of Central Africa's Great Lakes Region (CAGLR) through sustainable energy production based on reforestation and professionalization of the fuel wood and charcoal sectors. The project complements the Catalyze Accelerated Agricultural Intensification for Social and Environmental Stability (CATALIST) project, which focuses on improving soil fertility management, product marketing, and combining food and energy production. SEW activities contribute to economic development, reduce deforestation, and promote sustainable energy access in the region, benefiting the local population and biodiversity.
Deep placement, Food security