Effect of Gibberellic Acid and Super Gro Foliar Fertilizer on Potato Tuber Sprouting in Diffused Light, Pit and Bulk Storage Conditions

Effects of rest breaking agents such as gibberellic acid (GA3) and Super Gro on dormancy release and sprouting on potato genotypes stored under diffused light, pits and bulk were determined. Ndinamagara, Victoria and Rutambiro respectively short (6 weeks), moderate (8 weeks) and long (12 weeks) dormancy were used. Dormancy period was exponentially reduced to 2, 5 and 6 weeks for all the genotypes treated with GA3. Similarly, treatment with super Gro mostly under pits and bulk also accelerated potato sprouting. It is suggested that treatment with super Gro a low cost inductor should be adopted for promotion of potato tubers.
Potatoes, Storage