Perspectives - December 2016

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This material highlights the importance of engaging the largest youth population in history in agribusiness. With a significant percentage of Africa's and the world's youth residing in Asia and the Pacific, their involvement in agriculture presents a tremendous opportunity for advancing farming practices in developing nations. However, perceiving agriculture as a low-income profession challenges attracting young people who favour urban job sectors. To address this issue, the material explores various strategies employed by 2SCALE, an organization promoting sustainable agribusiness clusters. One key challenge young individuals interested in agribusiness face is limited access to financing. Recognizing this, 2SCALE facilitates partnerships between financial institutions and agri-preneurs, providing them with the necessary funding to start their businesses. By connecting entrepreneurs with business services and equipment, such as harvesters and planters, 2SCALE aims to change the perception of farming and showcase its profitability. To attract youth to agribusiness, it is essential to dissociate agriculture from poverty and emphasize its potential for economic growth. The material emphasizes the need for governments to create an enabling business environment by reducing taxation burdens, establishing networks for transportation, and addressing issues like high interest rates and limited financial options for young women. Additionally, utilizing young people's natural skills in information and communication technology (ICT) can help build networks, provide access to timely information, and enable fair pricing negotiations. The material concludes by emphasizing the importance of educating young people about the evolving opportunities in agriculture. By dispelling the notion of agriculture as a dead-end job and highlighting the sector's increasing prospects and global significance, youth can be motivated to pursue agribusiness careers, ensuring food security and sustainable employment for future generations.
Nitrogen fertilizers, Use efficiency, Agribusiness, Youth