IFDC Report, Volume 19, No. 1

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This report highlights a recent study tour coordinated by IFDC Africa. It provided African development and extension professionals with a unique opportunity to establish connections and foster understanding with their counterparts in Central America. Supported by funding from the Kellogg Foundation, the study tour aimed to explore and promote models of development programs applicable to African countries facing similar constraints and environments. One noteworthy model discovered during the tour was in Honduras. Mr Jose Elias Sanchez, owner and manager of the private International Teaching and Learning Center called Lorna Linda, introduced the African professionals to an extension model worth emulating. Over the past 14 years, this center has provided practical training to 40,000 farmers in a mountainous setting, enabling them to transform their environments. The visit showcased the positive impact of a successful private extension service on rural communities, emphasizing the importance of two-way learning between extension workers and farmers to enhance farmers' confidence, creative capacity, and ability to control their environments. The study tour encompassed visits to various national and international research organizations, rural development programs, farmers' fields, and local enterprises in Mexico, Honduras, Washington D.C., and Battle Creek, Michigan. The professionals who participated in the tour, representing different African countries, engaged with dedicated professionals and determined farmers who emphasized sustainability and self-reliance as guiding principles for rural development strategies. The report reflects the growing recognition of the potential for collaboration and knowledge exchange between Africa and Latin America. By drawing on successful models and fostering partnerships, the tour aimed to contribute to reducing dependency, promoting sustainability, and addressing agricultural production challenges. The report also briefly touches on other topics, including IFDC's work in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia, and highlights various projects and initiatives undertaken by the organization.
Privatization, Sustainable development