Differential Response of Rice Plants to Foliar Application of Iron and Phosphate is Regulated by Antioxidant Scavenging System

This conference paper investigates the differential response of rice plants to foliar applications of iron (Fe) and phosphate (P) and explores the role of the antioxidant scavenging system in regulating this response. Phosphorus and iron are essential nutrients for plant growth and development, and foliar application is a practical approach to supplement these nutrients due to their limited bioavailability in soil. The study conducted experiments to assess how different Fe and P compounds affect rice plants and found varying responses based on the compounds used. Specifically, the paper discusses the impact on antioxidant enzyme activities, lipid peroxidation, nutrient partitioning, and yield-related traits. The results highlight the importance of optimizing nutrient concentrations to achieve better plant growth while avoiding oxidative stress. The findings provide valuable insights into enhancing nutrient management strategies for rice cultivation.
Foliar application, Rice