FERARI Quarterly Newsletter-January 2023

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The Fertilizer Research and Responsible Implementation (FERARI) program successfully organized its initial Coordination Conference in October 2022, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the Fertilizer Platform Ghana (FPG). The FPG, a collaborative effort involving key partners and stakeholders in Ghana's private and public sectors, aims to foster an inclusive and sustainable fertilizer sector in the country and beyond. Stakeholders, comprising more than 80 international and local participants, including governmental bodies, research institutions, and universities, gathered to discuss expectations and suggestions for the platform's role in achieving fertilizer sector sustainability. During the conference, stakeholders emphasized the pivotal role of the FPG in mobilizing private sector support for research and development, fostering evidence-based interventions, and enhancing collaboration between farmers and researchers. With the FPG fully established and led by Co-Chairs, an Executive Committee, and sub-committees, FERARI and stakeholders are eager to witness the platform fulfilling its mandate as an independent, financially and institutionally sustainable fertilizer platform. The conference addressed global fertilizer challenges, discussed mitigation strategies, and provided an opportunity for reflection on FERARI's experimental and survey findings. Participants called for an extension of the FERARI program to achieve greater and sustainable impacts. The study also highlights the role of geospatial expertise in improving data quality through computerized data collection systems, emphasizing FERARI's commitment to delivering evidence-based recommendations.
Sustainable agriculture, Research and Development