IFDC Report, Volume 31, No. 2

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This publication provides an overview of the project "Catalyzing Acceleration of Agricultural Intensification for Stability and Sustainability" (CATALIST) in the Great Lakes region. The project aims to combat poverty, promote peace and stability, and accelerate economic growth through labour-intensive public works, such as planting trees, building terraces, and constructing roads. It establishes and strengthens farmer and agri-input dealer organizations to enhance agricultural capacities and market linkages. The region faces significant challenges, including rapid deforestation, soil erosion, and depletion of plant nutrients, which negatively impact the Nile and Congo rivers. The CATALIST project, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the Dutch Directorate General for Development Cooperation, collaborates with farmers' organizations, NGOs, the private sector, donors, and consortia to address these issues. The project addresses soil nutrient depletion, low agricultural productivity, and fragmented markets by promoting integrated soil fertility management. This approach combines mineral fertilizers with soil amendments to improve soil quality and increase profitability for smallholder farmers. The project focuses on the Albertine Rift and Kagera River Basin, which are vital for social and environmental stability in the region and are home to endangered wildlife and plants. The document also highlights the urgent need to address Africa's fertilizer crisis and increase fertilizer use to achieve higher agricultural growth rates. It emphasizes the importance of providing farmers with access to improved seeds, fertilizers, and irrigation to enhance productivity and meet the growing food needs of the continent. The resolution adopted by the African Union Member States at the Africa Fertilizer Summit outlines strategic measures to improve fertilizer availability, reduce costs, strengthen input networks, and support national and regional fertilizer production and trade.
Agricultural Inputs, Green revolution