Shocks and Structural Issues for African Food Production; How to Continue?

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In response to rising concerns about African food security and the impact of external shocks, FoodFIRST organized a Vijverberg session on August 29, 2022. This presentation examines the effects of soaring food and fertilizer prices since the war in Ukraine on African food production. The session featured insights from experts such as Dr. Ir. Prem Bindraban and Jan Willem Molenaar. Bindraban highlights the necessity of fertilizer for achieving food security and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Africa, dispelling misconceptions about its overuse. Molenaar emphasizes the urgency of addressing structural weaknesses in African agriculture, presenting a systems-based approach to sector transformation. Key takeaways include the need for a long-term vision, addressing root causes, and fostering local ownership. Policy insights focus on optimizing fertilizer use, promoting soil health, and encouraging stakeholder engagement. This session underscores the urgency of coordinated efforts to transform African agriculture sustainably and inclusively, even in the face of global challenges.
Food security, Food production, Fertilizers, Sustainable agriculture