The Agronomic Properties of a Newly Developed Fused Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate (Sulf-N26) for Crop Production: Preliminary Results

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This study investigates the agronomic properties of a newly developed fused Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate (ASN) fertilizer, trademarked as "Sulf-N26," in comparison to traditional granulated ASN. The fused ASN is created through a patented fusion process by Honeywell, which eliminates issues related to explosive potential and caking associated with traditional ASN mixtures. The study aims to determine if the chemical process of fusion affects the agronomic characteristics of Sulf-N26 compared to granulated ASN, including NH3 volatilization, leaching of nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S), and its effectiveness in promoting crop growth. Various N and S sources are also included in the analysis. Preliminary results indicate reduced NH3 volatilization and leaching of NH4-N and SO4-S in soils with fused ASN, making it a promising alternative for crop production. The fused ASN demonstrates comparable efficacy to granulated ASN and urea as a nitrogen source for wheat grain yield and as a sulfur source for ryegrass and canola crops.
Leaching, Agricultural research, Crop production