Perspectives - May 2017

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This material presents a collection of global briefs showcasing various agricultural projects and initiatives implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). The briefs cover different regions and highlight successful endeavours in improving agricultural practices, increasing productivity, and enhancing farmers' livelihoods. Some featured projects include the development of a machine for simultaneous rice seed planting and fertilizer application in Myanmar, implementing good agricultural practices and fertilizer deep placement in Bangladesh, resulting in increased yields and income, and using innovative charcoal-based cooling technology to preserve milk in Kenya. Additionally, partnerships and collaborations between dairy processors, feed manufacturers, and farmers are showcased in a documentary produced by IFDC. The material also discusses projects in Mozambique, West Africa, and East Africa, which aim to boost fertilizer supply, enhance access to agricultural practices, and integrate smallholder farmers into commercial supply chains. Furthermore, it presents the strategic plan for IFDC, emphasizing its focus on soil and fertilizer research and development. In Uganda, the Resilient Efficient Agribusiness Chains (REACH) project, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, aims to integrate smallholder farmers into commercial supply chains and increase their market engagement and access to agricultural support services. The project employs the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach to facilitate market-driven agriculture and promote the roles of women and youth in the value chains. The material also features inspiring stories, such as that of a Nigerian agricultural entrepreneur who learned about vegetable production and farm management through IFDC's 2SCALE project and established a training farm to empower young people in agriculture. Another example is the collaboration between IFDC's Fertilizer Sector Improvement (FSI+) project and Syngenta to train agro-input retailers in Myanmar, transforming them into modern agribusinesses that provide farmers with quality inputs and agricultural advice.
Micronutrients, Youth, Women farmers