IFDC Report, Volume 38, No. 3

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This report provides an update on the work and progress of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in different countries, focusing on developing the poultry sector and agricultural productivity. The report highlights the positive outcomes of IFDC's efforts in collaboration with various stakeholders, including the Kyrgyz Agro-Input Enterprise Development (KAED) project and the USAID Productive Agriculture projects in Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan, the capacity-building efforts of KAED have resulted in significant growth in the poultry sector. Poultry farms experienced an 8.6 per cent increase in egg production during the first half of 2013, leading to a 95 per cent market share for locally produced eggs. The success of these farms, supported by IFDC's work in establishing and strengthening formal value chains, has contributed to Kyrgyzstan's self-sufficiency in egg production. Furthermore, the increasing production capacity has opened opportunities for exporting Kyrgyz eggs to regional markets, such as Uzbekistan, addressing their constant shortages of meat and eggs. The report also highlights the role of private-sector collaboration in promoting agricultural development. IFDC's partnership with Kumtor Gold Company, the largest gold-mining company in Central Asia, aims to improve agricultural productivity and profitability in Kyrgyzstan. Through a joint project, efforts are underway to rehabilitate agricultural land, restore soil fertility, and enhance irrigation systems, thereby facilitating long-term sustainable development in the region. In Tajikistan, the USAID Productive Agriculture Project has addressed the challenges farmers face due to inadequate access to agricultural machinery. The project implemented a loan program in collaboration with local banks to support farmers purchasing tractors, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability. Farmers like Kholov Behruz have benefited from this program, enabling them to generate higher incomes and sustain their farming operations. Additionally, the report highlights the success of IFDC's Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI) project in Bangladesh. Farmers increasingly adopt fertilizer deep placement (FDP) technology, leading to higher yields and reduced labour-intensive practices. Promoting innovative FDP applicators has further enhanced the efficiency of fertilizer placement, saving time and effort for farmers and labourers.
Deep placement, Self-sufficiency, Agribusiness