2004/05 IFDC Corporate Report

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Sub-Saharan Africa faces numerous challenges in agricultural marketing, including underdeveloped markets, lack of coordination among actors, limited market integration, and scarcity of managerial competencies. The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) has developed the Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises (CASE) approach as an innovative solution. CASE combines diverse farming systems and commodity chains, catering to various actors' requirements. CASE promotes sustainable intensification and market development by integrating farmers and entrepreneurs into supply chains. The approach has yielded positive results in small pilot projects across West Africa, with thousands of farmers adopting improved technologies and experiencing increased incomes and crop yields. The CASE approach also focuses on capacity building, empowering clusters of farms, enterprises, and institutions along commodity chains. Furthermore, IFDC's Strengthening Market Information Systems and Traders' Organizations in West Africa (MISTOWA) project enhances market transparency. It reduces trade constraints by improving regional market information systems and supporting trader and producer organizations. The project has significantly strengthened market information systems and facilitated trade linkages. Lastly, IFDC's involvement in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan highlights its efforts to rebuild agricultural markets, provide emergency relief, and develop private sector networks to improve agribusiness prospects. These examples demonstrate IFDC's commitment to sustainable agriculture and economic growth in various regions.
Agribusiness , Sustainable intensification, Partnerships