HortiNigeria Newsletter- Vol 004

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This newsletter highlights several key initiatives and events spearheaded by HortiNigeria aimed at fostering growth and collaboration within the horticulture sector. It showcases the Women Empowerment Event in Kano State, which empowered women through commercial seedling and neem oil production, and celebrated their achievements with awards and prizes. The Diagnosis and Design Workshop promoted the development of Agribusiness Clusters, enhancing market connectivity and horticultural practices. HortiNigeria's participation in the SAFE Summit 4.0 in Ekiti State underscored its commitment to innovation and sectoral growth. The newsletter also details the BAGS Project's collaboration with the Kaduna Ministry of Agriculture, aimed at boosting agricultural gains and services. Insights from a learning visit to Benin, focused on international horticultural knowledge exchange, are shared, along with an innovation brief on seedling trays, highlighting their benefits and types. Additionally, the story of Abdulwahab Tsoho Adamu illustrates the impact of financial empowerment on local farmers. The newsletter emphasizes the nutritional benefits of a vegetable-rich diet, encouraging readers to embrace a "veggie foodie" lifestyle. Upcoming events for the first quarter of 2024 are also outlined, inviting continued engagement and participation in HortiNigeria's initiatives.
Agricultural Innovation, Agribusiness