IFDC Report, Volume 5, No. 3

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This report highlights several key developments in fertilizer technology and soil chemistry. Firstly, it announces the recipient of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fertilizer and Soil Chemistry Division Merit Award, Mr Travis P. Hignett, for his outstanding contributions to improving and understanding fertilizer technology and his dedication to its dissemination for global food production. Mr Hignett, with over 51 years of experience as a chemist and chemical engineer, received the award at the 180th National Meeting of ACS. The report then discusses a contract between IFDC and MONOMEROS, a prominent Colombian fertilizer producer, to study the production of nitro phosphate using Sardinata rock. The aim was to utilize local phosphate rock resources to meet the nation's phosphate needs partially. The tests revealed the challenges MONOMEROS faced in using Sardinata ore due to problems with gypsum filtration. However, potential solutions were identified, and further recommendations were made for full-scale plant testing. Another project mentioned is the collaborative effort between IFDC and the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in India to identify constraints related to the adoption and demand for fertilizers in the Indian Punjab. The study aims to evaluate the constraints and suggest policy measures to promote economically sound fertilizer use. The findings are expected to benefit both public and private institutions in Punjab and other parts of India and international institutions involved in fertilizer-related agricultural development. Additionally, the report highlights studies conducted by IFDC on the potential uses of phosphate rocks from Sardinata, Colombia, and Eppawala, Sri Lanka. The studies evaluated various production processes and agronomic performance of products made from these phosphate rocks. Promising results were obtained, indicating the suitability of these rocks for fertilizer production. Lastly, the report mentions training programs and visits organized by IFDC, such as a regional fertilizer granulation seminar in Thailand, a fertilizer marketing training program in India, and a fertilizer marketing and distribution program at IFDC Headquarters. These initiatives aimed to enhance knowledge and skills in fertilizer marketing and distribution among participants from different countries.
Phosphate minerals, Fertilizers