IFDC Report, Volume 1, No. 3

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The material highlights critical topics discussed in the issue, including the IFDC facility's design and engineering, international status, cooperative agreements, progress achieved in the first year of operation, fertilizer development studies, human resource development, factory maintenance courses, outreach activities, and technology transfer. The report begins by emphasizing the flexibility of design and engineering standards applied to the IFDC facility, allowing for expansion and inexpensive remodelling. The construction progress of different phases of the facility is discussed, with Phase A nearly ready for occupancy, Phase B under construction, and Phase C set to be completed in early 1978. The publication highlights the international status of IFDC, with the managing director attending Centers Week in Washington, D.C., and the CGIAR nominating three members to the IFDC Board of Directors. Cooperative agreements with CIAT and IRRI are mentioned, with plans to station IFDC staff at each centre to focus on specific research areas. The report further covers the progress made by IFDC in its first year of operation, including inquiries received, visitors from outside the United States, fertilizer development studies conducted for the ASEAN region and Sahelian countries of West Africa, and the compilation of a world database system on fertilizer technology and use. The publication also mentions ongoing research programs, such as social science research to improve fertilizer decision-making and a fertilizer research program focused on nitrogen and phosphorus effectiveness in tropical and subtropical agriculture. The report then provides an overview of the West Africa Fertilizer Study, discussing significant food deficits, fertilizer use, fertilizer materials, and various supply alternatives analyzed by IFDC. The importance of human resource development is highlighted, including training programs for Bangladeshi engineers in fertilizer factory maintenance conducted in cooperation with TVA's National Fertilizer Development Center (NFDC). The publication concludes with a section on outreach activities, including technology transfer to Asia, involvement in TVA's Technology Demonstration, and the orientation and demonstration of IFDC's world fertilizer database system. The publication also acknowledges the contributions and roles of individuals involved in IFDC's nitrogen program and technical assistance provided to the Taiwan Fertilizer Company.
Technology, Fertilizers