IFDC Report, Volume 38, No. 4

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This report provides an update on the work and progress of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in Bangladesh, focusing on efforts to empower women in agriculture. Gender equity is crucial for economic productivity and prosperity, and Bangladesh has made significant strides in reducing gender disparities in the past two decades. However, challenges persist, particularly in expanding women's agricultural participation beyond traditionally limited roles. IFDC has been actively involved in Bangladesh for over 35 years, working to increase agricultural productivity, introduce new technologies, and advocate for enabling policy environments. Recognizing the importance of crop diversification and the role of women in fruit and vegetable production, IFDC has partnered with the Walmart Foundation to train 40,000 small-scale women farmers in cultivating high-value crops. The project emphasizes using technology, such as fertilizer deep placement (FDP), to improve productivity and increase family income. The report highlights the project's achievements, including training thousands of women farmers and cultivating thousands of hectares of vegetables. To ensure the sustainability of FDP technology, the project is also developing a private sector, women-led supply system for FDP briquettes, creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs. The report emphasizes the importance of national commitment and the role of organizations like IFDC in advancing gender equality and creating inclusive societies. It concludes with a call to continue supporting women's empowerment and creating opportunities for advancement, ultimately leading to a more equitable and equal world.
Agribusiness, Gender Equity