IFDC Report, Volume 32, No. 2

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This report provides an overview of the "From Thousands to Millions, or 1000s+" project initiated by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in West Africa. The project aims to enhance agricultural productivity and economic growth for one million farm families (approximately ten million people) in the region by implementing the Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises (CASE) approach. The CASE approach focuses on improving soil fertility, facilitating farmers' access to input and output markets, and strengthening agribusiness enterprises. The report highlights the significant increase in crop yields, agricultural revenues, and farm incomes observed in areas where CASE has been implemented, benefiting around 150,000 farmers. The project is set to expand to reach additional countries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo. It emphasizes the development of action plans for agribusiness clusters and the importance of building trust and linkages among various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. The report also outlines the projected outputs of the 1000s+ project, including increased agricultural productivity and income growth for rural farm households, expanded environmentally sustainable production, improved food security, enhanced private sector services to farmers, and strengthened institutional capacities. The report acknowledges the challenges in sustaining market linkages and expresses optimism about leveraging opportunities for change and development in West Africa's agricultural sector.
Sustainable agriculture, Food security, Soil fertility, Agricultural productivity