Managing Agribusiness Associations Starter Kit : A Practical Handbook for Starting and Existing Agribusiness Associations

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Agribusiness associations play a pivotal role in the agricultural sector by facilitating coordination, empowerment, and value creation among participants at various levels, from local to global. These associations, as formal not-for-profit entities, cater to the common interests of individuals and businesses involved in agriculture, offering financial benefits, advocacy, communication, and education (FACE activities) to enhance economic activities. They serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, shared experiences, and professional development, contributing to economic development and poverty reduction, particularly in developing countries. Through sustainable association development, entrepreneurs in agribusiness can navigate competitive markets and foster innovation. This handbook, prepared by IFDC based on practical experiences in different regions, serves as a resource to develop the capacity of farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, and businesses to establish and sustain agribusiness associations. The handbook outlines the life cycle of associations, covering creation, start-up, building sustainability, and growth phases, emphasizing the importance of member involvement, clear vision, mission, and objectives, as well as effective communication and advocacy strategies.
Agribusiness, Associations, Capacity building, Empowerment, Agroindústria, Associação, Fortalecimento de capacidades, Empoderamento