IFDC Report, Volume 28, No. 2

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This publication highlights the launch of the MIR project, a 5-year initiative aimed at fostering agricultural development in West Africa by creating a favourable environment for a regional agricultural inputs market. The project, implemented by IFDC and funded by the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation, supports the efforts of UEMOA and ECOWAS in achieving common agricultural policies. The project involves various partners such as farmer organizations, agricultural chambers, sector ministries, and private input importers and dealers. With African agriculture facing challenges in competitiveness and food security, the MIR project seeks to enhance productivity and economic progress in the region. The publication presents statements from key officials, including representatives from UEMOA, ECOWAS, and Burkina Faso Government, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among stakeholders and the need for harmonized policies, infrastructure investment, and support from the private sector, farmers, and governments. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between IFDC and UEMOA marks a significant step toward the project's goals. The publication concludes by highlighting the presentations and discussions held during the launch event and expressing optimism about the project's potential to improve farmers' access to agricultural inputs and contribute to the region's sustainable development.
Nitrogen-use efficiency, Decision Support Systems