Local Drivers of Inclusive Agribusiness Development: Cases from Ethiopia

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This paper explores two partnerships established through the 2SCALE program in Ethiopia, focusing on farmers' organizations as key drivers of inclusive agribusiness development. The sorghum and vegetable sector partnerships demonstrate cooperatives and unions' potential to drive economic growth and facilitate vertical integration in the value chain. The cooperatives act as hubs for innovative technologies and offer aggregation and market access opportunities. The paper highlights the interventions carried out by 2SCALE to improve the competitiveness and inclusiveness of these organizations, including training programs, market linkages, and the development of business models tailored to smallholder farmers. The results show increased income for smallholder farmers, improved market access, and the empowerment of farmers to make informed decisions. These cases emphasize the importance of cooperatives and unions as local drivers of inclusive agribusiness development in Ethiopia.
Value chains, Agribusiness, Inclusive growth, Technology
Teshome, A., and A. Degefu, 2017. “Local Drivers of Inclusive Agribusiness Development: Cases from Ethiopia,” Paper presented at Inclusive Business Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by BoPInc., ICRA and IFDC, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Ed.).