FERARI Quarterly Newsletter-October 2022

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The FERARI program has expanded its international presence by forging collaborations and participating in key agricultural events. At the AGRF in September 2022, FERARI secured an agreement with RUFORUM to support student internships, M.Sc. scholarships, and the development of a master’s-level course in Fertilizer Science and Soil Health in Ghana. FERARI's involvement in the FARA Stakeholder Consultation meeting contributed to the Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA), positioning the program as a crucial case in the Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Action Plan. International recognition continued with a dialogue event in the Hague, Netherlands, attended by civil servants, highlighting FERARI's approach and results. The program's future engagements include a presentation at the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF) leadership event. Furthermore, FERARI played a pivotal role in establishing the Fertilizer Platform Ghana (FPG), a multi-stakeholder platform addressing fertilizer sector issues. The FPG's official launch garnered widespread support, including commitments from the National Fertilizer Council and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. FERARI's contributions extend to published research on the economic viability of smallholder agriculture and papers addressing factors influencing maize yield variability in Ghana. These initiatives underscore FERARI's commitment to international collaboration, knowledge dissemination, and sustainable agricultural development.
Maize, Sustainable development