Proposed Kenya Fertilizer Platform: A Forum for Public-Private Dialogue

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This document presents a draft proposal for establishing the Kenya Fertilizer Platform (KeFERT), a forum for Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) in the fertilizer sector. The paper begins by highlighting the current situation in the Kenyan fertilizer sector and the need for a platform to address key constraints and promote dialogue among stakeholders. It discusses the history of Public-Private Dialogues (PPDs) in Kenya and emphasizes the importance of stakeholder involvement. The document explores key questions in setting up the platform, including its mission, goals, structure, and governance. It highlights the need for a neutral and independent platform that represents the entire fertilizer sector and can address cross-cutting issues. The proposed activities of KeFERT include regular platform meetings, policy advocacy, technical studies, resource mobilization, and communication efforts. The document also emphasizes the importance of coordination, information exchange, and addressing multi-disciplinary issues within the fertilizer sector. It highlights the role of various stakeholders, including public and regulatory sectors, private sector entities, farmers, research and extension institutions, development partners, and service providers.
Soil testing, Soil mapping, Soil acidity
Fernando, A. 2018. “Proposed Kenya Fertilizer Platform: A Forum for Public-Private Dialogue,” presented at the Kenya Fertilizer Roundtable, October 16-17, Nairobi, Kenya.