IFDC Magazine, Volume 39, No. 2

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This magazine highlights the innovative and scalable solution to agricultural market self-sufficiency developed by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). The article traces the evolution of the Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises (CASE) methodology, which forms the foundation of the 2SCALE project. By grouping farmers into clusters and connecting them with various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, such as suppliers, processors, and private sector buyers, the project aims to empower farmers and enhance their bargaining power. The article emphasizes the importance of equitable access to market opportunities for the poorest communities in Africa and explores the potential of this approach to create income equity. With over 1,000 private sector firms linked to over 190 agribusiness clusters in 12 countries, the 2SCALE project transforms agriculture in Africa and opens up new social and economic opportunities for farmers. The article also discusses the challenges and opportunities for agricultural growth in Africa, including the importance of fertilizer use, rural infrastructure development, and the integration of science and technology in farming practices. The magazine concludes by emphasizing the need for increased private sector involvement and investment in agricultural development to drive sustainable growth in Africa's agriculture sector.
Micronutrients, Empowerment, Agriculture