IFDC Magazine, Volume 39, No. 1

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IFDC Magazine commemorates the International Fertilizer Development Center's (IFDC) 40-year journey in advancing agricultural production and fertilizer technologies. Founded in 1974, IFDC's mission was rooted in the National Fertilizer Development Center's (NFDC) work under the United States Tennessee Valley Authority. Initially focused on South America and Asia, IFDC successfully addressed nitrogen use efficiency in rice production, contributing to food security in developing nations. As its influence expanded across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, IFDC evolved beyond fertilizer development, fostering national and regional input supply chains and empowering smallholder farmers through access to markets and professionalization. This magazine explores IFDC's history, decade by decade, highlighting achievements, challenges, and future opportunities in international agricultural development. With a firm belief in innovation, IFDC emphasizes the role of fertilizer technology advancements in feeding the projected global population of 10 billion by 2050. By leveraging sustainable agricultural practices, pro-agriculture policies, and public-private partnerships, IFDC envisions a future that protects the environment, combats climate change, enhances nutrient use efficiency, and improves human health. Through informative articles, IFDC Magazine aims to inspire and guide future work in international agricultural development, fostering a food-secure world for future generations.
Gas emissions, Agribusiness, Deep placement, Briquettes