IFDC Report, Volume 6, No. 4

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This report presents the findings and observations of an IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center) delegation during their visit to China from October 17 to November 6. The delegation was invited by the China National Chemical Construction Corporation (CNCCC) to learn about the structure, composition, and challenges of the chemical fertilizer industry in China. The report highlights the discipline and determination displayed by the Chinese people, particularly in traffic management during the morning rush hour in Beijing. The report emphasizes China's focus on self-reliance and increased investment in agriculture, including upgrading fertilizer plants. The Chinese government is keen on obtaining assistance in various aspects of fertilizer production, such as granulation techniques and using anhydrous ammonia. Collaborative efforts between CNCCC and IFDC are being pursued to assist in beneficiation, acidulation, granulation, and direct application of fertilizers. Furthermore, the report mentions the IFDC delegation's visit to the Shanghai Research Institute, which is expanding agronomic research and conducting field trials in the communes. The report highlights the growing importance of China's fertilizer industry and the country's hunger for information and assistance in improving its fertilizer technology.
Phosphates, Fertilizers