Partnering for Inclusive Growth, the 2SCALE Approach

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This paper introduces 2SCALE, a program supporting inclusive business champions in Africa. Inclusive businesses are commercially viable enterprises that involve low-income communities, such as smallholder farmers and base-of-the-pyramid consumers, in a way that benefits them. These inclusive business champions face various challenges, including sourcing difficulties, unfair competition, limited resources, and internal resistance. The objective of 2SCALE is to assist these champions in realizing sustainable, inclusive businesses that serve as inspirational examples for others. The paper discusses the partnership models employed by 2SCALE, highlighting grassroots and lead firm public-private partnerships (PPPs) that evolve into multi-layered partnerships over time. It emphasizes the central role of the inclusive business champion in these partnerships. The paper also outlines 2SCALE's approach, which focuses on developing business models and value chain arrangements that promote inclusiveness, competitiveness, and scalability. Three key focus areas are highlighted: facilitating agribusiness clusters, fostering innovative, inclusive value chain relations, and supporting enabling environments, particularly access to finance and information. The paper concludes by presenting the major impact pathways and key results achieved by 2SCALE, including the benefit to smallholder farmers, support to SMEs, private sector contributions, BoP pilots, and capacity strengthening of business support service providers. Overall, 2SCALE's approach aims to create lasting business models that integrate smallholder farmers and base-of-the-pyramid consumers, leading to inclusive and sustainable value chains.
Maatman, A.J. 2017. “Partnering for Inclusive Growth, the 2SCALE Approach,” Paper presented at Inclusive Business Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by BoPInc., ICRA and IFDC, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Ed.).